Mufflers and exhaust


The importance of having an exhaust system that performs well is something that impacts a car in more ways than most people realize. Your car's muffler and exhaust system keeps your engine running correctly, and prevents toxic exhaust fumes from entering the interior.

High-performance exhaust systems provide your vehicle with the best possible fuel efficiency while also reducing harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the air. Other advantages of an exhaust system that runs properly include reducing engine noise, and the temperatures of your exhaust as well. If you suspect your exhaust system has a problem, make sure to come see the experts of Northwest Best Auto Repair, at 2221 North 45th street in Seattle, right away!

Signs That You May Need To Repair Or Replace Your Muffler

The more you drive your car in Seattle, Washington, the more your vehicle’s muffler experiences wear & tear, and needs to be maintained in proper working condition. For example, if you notice a decrease in your fuel efficiency, a foul odor coming from beneath the car, or your engine sounding louder than you remember, it’s a good idea to have your muffler checked. Depending on the issue, a simple muffler repair might be all you need, extending the life of that muffler. This also saves you the cost of a replacement, which is something we’re happy to do for our valued customers.

Another example, which is more serious, is a muffler that’s dislodged and hanging-low beneath the car. Something like this should be addressed immediately. Our certified exhaust technicians will provide you a detailed diagnosis, free of charge. Call Northwest Best Auto Repair now at 206-420-4987 to make an appointment, nor just stop-by our North Street location!

Why Muffler and Exhaust Repair is Important

Your muffler and exhaust system is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle, because it is connected to your engine, and is responsible for carrying the gases that are emitted during combustion out and away from the motor. When this system has issues, or fails, it can become immediately apparent. If you suspect there is a problem with either your muffler or another component of your exhaust system, drop by our garage today and our technicians will take a look.

A Commonly Overlooked Component: The Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter is located inside of the exhaust pipe. It reacts chemically with the spent fuel vapors that are passing-through, and completely burns away pollutants before they reach the outside air. A catalytic converter that’s not operating correctly can restrict the efficient flow of air through your engine, which reduces the output of power.

Manufacturers are required to warranty these components for only the first 80,000 miles, so beyond this it’s the owner’s responsibility. (Installing a high-performance exhaust system overcomes this limitation, and many aftermarket exhaust components enhance the original design.) Replacing worn out catalytic converters or installing a custom, high-performance exhaust system, are both complicated jobs. Call us to make an appointment to have our certified exhaust emperts evaluate your system’s performance at 206-420-4987!

The Best Exhaust & Muffler Shop in Seattle

If you want the best exhaust system possible for your car, you needn’t look any further than the experts at Northwest Best Auto Repair! We carry performance exhaust systems for all makes and models of automobiles, in-stock. Our technicians are committed to providing you with the most time-efficient and affordable aftermarket exhaust system repair and replacements all of greater Seattle. So, whether you are upgrading to a complete, high-performance exhaust system, or just a simple muffler repair, you’ll be glad you came to us! We’ll do everything possible to keep your cost low. Call the “Best” now, at 206-420-4987, or visit us in-person at 2221 North 45th street, Seattle, WA 98103. All Major Credit Cards Accepted!

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