Windshield Wipers & Headlight Repair


Shedding Light On Driving A Safe Car!

A recent U.S study reported that more than 2,000 pedestrians are killed every year because of drivers who cannot see them well at night. Therefore, keeping your headlights in perfect working order isn’t just important for your safety, it’s important for the safety of everyone you share the road with as well!

One thing you can do yourself to ensure that your headlights operate effectively is to keep them clean. When you stop for gas and wash your windows, we advise that you go ahead and give your headlights and taillights a quick scrub too. The accumulation of dust and dirt particles can intensify the effect of glare experienced by the drivers of oncoming vehicles, those behind you and those you follow. So cleaning your headlights and taillights with every fill-up is something you can do to help keep our roads safe.

And the expert technicians at Northwest Best Auto Repair are here to do the rest, performing the following regular maintenance and repair services for your customers.

  • Ensuring that your headlights are aimed correctly. Headlight angles can get knocked out of proper position by potholes, speedbumps, debris that you come in contact with, and off-road terrain.
  • Replacing burned-out bulbs, proactively replacing older bulbs, and providing you with spares to keep in your glove compartment.
  • Diagnosing and repairing issues with fuses, or shorts in the electrical system, as both can be the cause of a headlight, taillight or directional signal going out.

Northwest Best will check your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and license plate lights free of charge. Call us at 206-420-4987, or stop by and see us today!

Avoiding A Wipeout!

Anyone who’s driven in pounding rain, heavy snow or slippery sleet can attest to the fact that properly operating windshield wipers and blades are critical to safe driving. The experienced technicians at Northwest Best Auto Repair are happy to inspect your wiper blades for hardness, cuts, splits, or any other damage that may prevent them from performing of charge! Should they need replacing, we stock blades to fit most every automobile make and model, and winter wiper blades too! And while the structural features of most windshield wipers rarely have mechanical failures, we will also inspect the arm which holds the blade, the spring linkage, the wiper pivots, and the pressure points (also called “claws”) as needed and repair them if necessary.

A family-owned and operated shop like ours, who is proud to have earned the trust of families and businesses throughout greater Seattle, cannot stop at headlights and wipers, though! So Northwest Best maintains an inventory of hundreds of helpful automobile accessories to fit most every automobile make and model. And because we proudly have over 50 years of collective car repair and maintenance experience, our customers feel comfortable banking on our recommendations. So stop ignoring that dim headlight, those funky power locks or that back window that won’t go all the way up without pulling on it...and call us now at (206) 420-4987, or just stop in and say hello! Our friendly staff is standing by to help you with any car-related question or problem.

Give us a call now at 206-420-4987 to make an appointment, and then come on down to our comfortable waiting area while our extremely efficient technicians give you dealership-quality a neighborhood-shop price!

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